Hermitage of La Marquise

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Located in an end of the square that conformed the agricultural town and the manor house of the property the Marquesa, was in its origin dependent of the parish of San Miguel de Salinas. In 1829, as a result of the ecclesiastical reorganization carried out by the bishop Felix Herrero Valverde, it acquired the category of parochial temple, with the mission to give religious assistance to the peasants of the adjacent fields and to the inhabitants of Los Montesinos. It was closed in 1990, becoming dependent on its territory of parishioners to the parish of Los Montesinos.

The building has a rectangular floor plan, with a gabled roof, and a bell-tower topped off in a chapel. It has two naves, a central one finished in the main altar and another one with chapels dedicated to the Holy Christ Crucified and to the Immaculate Conception, in whose end the sacristy is located. The tower is of square plan, with three bells housed in the 3rd body of the same. It has undergone several reforms among which it is necessary to point out those realized by the Jesuits, owners of the hacienda in century XVIII, and those carried out in the middle of century XIX, after the impact suffered by the earthquake that ravaged the region in the year 1929 .

The temple is under the invocation of the Virgin of the Rosary to which, in the first week of October, the residents of Los Montesinos organize pilgrimage and other religious and festive celebrations in memory of their primitive parish.

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Iglesia La Marquesa

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