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Where the trails are born

The peculiar characteristics of the municipality of Los Montesinos, of which a Natural Park is part of the municipal area and its perfect connection with surrounding towns with a very high environmental value, together with the commitment to health care with outdoor sports practice, they have
fostered the development of the project ‘Los Montesinos, where the trails are born’, which develops ‘Los Montesinos, active nature and health’ and which condenses in the design of 13 circular routes that start from the Plaza del Ayuntamiento de Los Montesinos and arrive at the same point.

Fields around La Marquesa


The Montesinos owes its name to the nobiliary family that ruled the destinies of the lands where the town is intertwined. Since the reforms of Cardinal Belluga the whole of the Vega Baja was prospering and with it the Montesinos, to reach the current figure of right population of 2,841 inhabitants.

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Los Montesinos Hymn

… Montesinos es una perla
A orillas del mar,
Sólo falta engarzarla
En un brillante collar…”

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