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In compliance with the provisions of letter a) section 3 of article 14 of Law 1/2022, of April 13, on Transparency and Good Governance of the Valencian Community, the list of services provided by the Los Montesinos City Council is published. :

EntitySocial services
AddressPlaza de la Iglesia, 3
Phone966 72 14 14

Social Services offers personalized and comprehensive attention to citizens to resolve their personal, family and/or social needs. Specifically, the following benefits are managed:

 Old peopleFamily / ChildhoodDisabledForeignersYouthsWomen
Financial aidPEIS emergency aid

PEIS Personal development

PNC Retirement
PEIS emergency aid

PEIS Personal development

Guaranteed Citizenship Income


Family Fostering
PEIS emergency aid

PEIS Personal development

PNC Disability

SMC Transportation Expenses LISMI

Guaranteed Citizenship Income
 PEIS emergency aid

Guaranteed Citizenship Income
PEIS emergency aid

Guaranteed Citizenship Income

Economic Benefit Gender Violence
Leisure and free timeSocial thermalism IMSERSO

Social Thermalism GVA

Social Holidays IMSERSO

Social Holidays GVA

Don’t be alone at Christmas

Cultural Card

Interurban Transport Card
Early Care Center

Residence for minors

Day center for minors
travels COCEMFE   
Home careHome help service


Eating at home
 Home help service

Institutionalized careResidences for the Elderly

Day Center

Breathing bonus

Day Center bonus
 Early Care Center


Occupational Center

Day Center

Mental illness center

Specialized Center for the Mentally ill
Housing Family Reunification Report

Social Insertion Report

Application for Health Care Recognition

Everybody in the Square
 Specialized Care Centers for Women
Specialized careRecognition of Dependency Situation

Dependency Care Service
Specialized Family and Child Care Service  Specialized Family and Child Care ServiceInformation and Legal Advice Service for Women
Attention to the communityGet in Shape Program: Gymnastics for Seniors Primary and Secondary Educational Workshops  Gender Violence Campaigns

Primary and Secondary Educational Workshops

Theater Workshops for Youth
Gender Violence Campaigns

Program to promote health and occupation of free time: Pilates
Healthcare Application for Health Care Recognition    
Large Family Title Large Family Title    
Recognition of Disability  Disability Certificate

Accreditation card for people with disabilities
Parking Card  Parking card   

Los Montesinos City Council has the following public services in the Culture Area:

EntitySchool of Music and Culture
AddressC/ Zaragoza, 5
Phone966 72 10 27
EntityReading Agency (Sociocultural Center)
AddressC/ Virgen del Loreto, 35
Phone966 72 01 55

Los Montesinos City Council has the following public services in the Education Area:

EntityMunicipal Nursery School “Miguel Hernández”
AddressC/ Maestro Fidel Gómez, sn
Phone966 72 09 22
EntityAdult School (EPA)
AddressC/ Maestro Fidel Gómez, 1
Phone96 672 10 87

In addition, despite not being municipal jurisdiction, the municipality has the following public services in terms of education:

EntityVirgen del Pilar Elementary Public School
AddressC/ Maestro Fidel Gómez, 1
Phone965 29 01 75
EntityHigh school
AddressC/ Diego Montesinos, 8
Phone966 72 11 02

The Sports Area of the Los Montesinos City Council develops a set of actions to promote healthy lifestyle habits among the population. Among others, the following stand out:

  • Municipal Sports Schools of Football and Tennis.
  • Multi-sports School (in summer).
  • Swimming courses for children and adults, during the months of July and August. There are also courses for improvement and initiation to swimming for Seniors.
  • Gymnastics workshops for the 3rd Age, subsidized by the City Council.
  • Fronton Senior Championship for couples. It is carried out between the months of September and October, coinciding with the Patron Saint Festivities, and is of Provincial scope.
  • Rhythmic Gymnastics classes for students of the C.P. Virgen del Pilar, organized by the school’s AMPA.

In addition, the municipality has the Municipal Sports Center, which has the following services: fronton, football 7, 8 and 11, paddle tennis, multipurpose court (handball, basketball and indoor soccer), climbing wall, tennis and swimming pool.

EntityMunicipal Sports Center
AddressPartida los Mires s/n
Phone966 72 10 87

The Health Area carries out the processing of the following public services:

  • Municipal census of companion animals.
  • Municipal census of potentially dangerous animals.
  • Municipal service for the collection and control of companion animals.
  • Signaling of green areas for pets.
  • Control and monitoring of bites from both pets and potentially dangerous animals.
  • Food handler courses, which are held several times a year, prior registration at the Town Hall.
  • Coordination work with the Ministry of Public Health Department in campaigns such as “The Heat Wave” and others.

In addition, Los Montesinos has a set of public and private services linked to the health field:

Health center

AddressC/ La Paz, s/n
Phone965 72 16 40


Phone965 14 40 00


NombrePharmacy Bernardo Ruiz
AddressPlaza Sagrado Corazón, s/n
Phone966 72 10 57
NombrePharmacy Fos
AddressAvda. del Mar, 92
Phone966 72 05 24

The Public Services Area carries out the processing of the following public services:

  • Care and maintenance of municipal parks and gardens.
  • Maintenance and cleaning of Rural Roads.
  • Maintenance of Public Roads and street furniture.
  • Garbage and belongings collection service.
  • Works and small repairs.
  • Maintenance of the municipal cemetery.
EntityEmployment and Local Development Agency
AddressPlazo del Ayuntamiento, 1
Phone96 672 16 98

The main lines of action of the AEDL are:

  • It processes grants from all areas that allow for the improvement of employability and local development.
  • Promotes entrepreneurship and job placement.
  • It has a job bank where companies and job seekers are contacted, after collecting their CVs.
  • It studies the labor market and the new sources of employment as a basis for drawing up the training and labor insertion strategy.
  • Keeps the Registry of associations and coordinates the subsidies to them.
  • Participate in regional forums to promote the exchange of experience and the dissemination of good practices in employment.
  • It forms part of the Vega Renhace Plan, promoted by the Consell, which seeks multidisciplinary solutions and support for Vega Baja.
  • It is coordinated with the employment and training programs developed by CONVEGA and of all the organizations Los Montesinos is a part of.
  • It pays attention to the public, entrepreneurs and the general population to provide information and advice on employment matters.
  • Create guides, books and informative material that promote the values and resources of the municipality (gastronomy, tourism, commerce…).
  • He coordinates gastronomic days, fairs, tourist routes (tapas, hiking…), commercial campaigns…
  • Promotes the municipality in tourist fairs.
  • Promotes quality seals in the municipality.
  • Participate in meetings for employment.
  • Coordinates all communication from this area -RRSS, media, advertising, printed and audiovisual material…-
  • Promote equality policies.
  • Promotes the implementation and dissemination of the 2030 Agenda.
  • Prepare an updated list of grants and subsidies.
  • Maintains contact with the reference employment office: Torrevieja.
  • It carries out selection processes for the hiring of personnel, either through employment programs or for temporary grants from the City Council.
  • Draft bases of subsidies, employment exchanges and agreements.
  • Coordinates the creation and maintenance of the Directory of Companies of Los Montesinos.
  • Updates the national base of subsidies, giving an account of the aid provided by the City Council in all its procedure -call and aid granted individually-

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