Telf: 966 72 10 87 - Plaza Del Ayuntamiento, 1, 03187 Los Montesinos

Beautiful rural and natural environments

The municipality of Los Montesinos is surrounded by the land of cultivation, and because of the great natural beauty that gives you the views overlooking the Salinas de Torrevieja.
Its fields are covered with large areas of fields and orchards, which at harvest time, gives it a special color. Its natural spaces have ample possibilities for practicing activities such as ecotourism.
The eastern part of town is part of the Natural Park of the Lagunas de Torrevieja and La Mata. This area, in addition to offering a beautiful landscape that the inhabitants of Los Montesinos enjoy every day, constitute a quiet area to walk and recreate with its flora and fauna where you can see vegetable species of the type halophiles and animals, such as the hawk , among others.

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