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Citizen Security Actions

24 hours Service


Emergency Phones:

96 672 15 25 // 609 20 84 06 

Administrative Police
  • Complaints about OOMM infringement, Bandos and other municipal dispositions
  • Notifications
  • Control of establishments
  • Town planning
  • Residence reports
  • Reports occupation via public
  • Reports flaws via public
  • Minor authorization
  • Manage weapons license
  • Immediate neighbor reports
  • Management of lost documents
  • Distance reports
  • Reports allowed fords
  • Control of potentially dangerous animals
  • Suma complaint management
Administrative Police
Instruct report form traffic accidents in urban areas
Instructing report  for crimes against traffic safety
Instruct Measures to prevention
Compliance with orders of the Judicial Authority
Collaboration with the Forces and Bodies of the State as established in article 29.2 of Law 2/86 of March 13
Eyed inspections
Recovery and delivery of stolen vehicles
Information to the Judicial Police possible criminal facts for its location
Custody detained while carrying out police attestations
Assistance Police
  • Cooperate in the resolution of private conflicts
  • Collection of abandoned animals
  • Collaboration with firefighting
  • Collaboration with Health
  • Collaboration with other Security Forces and Bodies
  • Collaboration with Social Services
  • Collaboration of teaching institutions
  • Teaching road safety course
  • Defects management municipal facilities
  • School absenteeism control
Citizen security
  • Carry out diligences to prevention and how many actions tend to avoid the commission of criminal acts in the framework of collaboration established in the security board
  • Control of public spaces
  • Perform controls on weapons and drugs
Proceedings and referral seizures
  • Complaints against the Organic Law 1/92 of February 21
  • Control of drugs and disputes in educational centers
Sort, sign and route traffic in the urban area, in accordance with the provisions of the traffic regulations.
Control of urban road traffic
Establishment of traffic controls (documentation, alcohol abuse)
Solid urban waste management (abandoned vehicles)
Control parking prohibited
Withdrawal of public vehicles
Collaboration accident traffic outside urban helmet
Denounces traffic offenses, both municipal and other bodies
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